How to Create Your Personal AI Assistant or Clone in 2024

In 2024, the ability to create a personal AI clone is not just a concept but a reality. With the advancement of AI technologies, you can now not only create an AI avatar that represents you in various settings and styles but also have your own assistant that can represent you in the digital world.


Why Is It Important to Have a Personal AI Clone

While the idea may seem futuristic and even daunting to some, there are some points why having a personal AI clone can be beneficial in various aspects of our lives. An estimated 68% of U.S. smartphone owners interact with their devices at least once daily and chat with a number of people. Also, it is way too affordable as individuals pay around $6-10/month for owning an AI assistant and save time on doing chats. We have summoned some crucial points for having an AI clone of you.


Personalized Assistance

Imagine having an intelligent assistant that understands you better than anyone else – your preferences, habits, and even anticipates your needs. Whether it's managing your schedule, organizing tasks, or offering personalized advice, having an AI clone can boost your productivity in both personal and professional spheres.


Continuity of Self

One of the intriguing aspects of having a personal AI clone is the potential for continuity of self across different contexts and time. Through continuous interaction and learning, your AI clone can develop a deep understanding of your personality, profession, and experiences and pass them on to future generations or serve as a digital legacy.


Self-reflection and Growth

The idea of creating a personal AI clone is liable to self-reflection and growth by refining the core of your thoughts, ideas, and expertise into the format for an AI model. This will help you clarify your own understanding and beliefs and also present a unique opportunity for your thoughts. 


How to Make an AI Clone of Yourself

And now, drumroll, please 🥁 as we’re approaching the highlight everyone's been excited about!  You probably started reading this article thinking that something like this would take days. But no, it can be done just in minutes.


Visual Clone

In today's technology-driven world, it may be often easy to confuse an AI-generated photo with a genuine one. This is largely due to the significant advancements in AI image generation technologies, which continue to refine itself through human input and data.


First, let's delve into the visual representation of your clone. While numerous tools can transform text into images, creating clones requires uploading facial images to help AI understand not just physical attributes but also personality traits.


To get the extent of AI progress in recent years, you can compare the outputs of a widely used AI image generator like Midjourney over a short period of 2 years.


All Midjourney versions compared | Source: Aituts


How To Use Midjourney AI to Get Your Clone

To create an avatar using Midjourney, follow these steps: 

  1. Choose a reference image: use a photo of yourself as a reference.

  2. Upload the chosen image: just copy the URL of the image — either in Midjourney or from some other public source.

  3. Use the image URL: type /imagine and paste the link in the prompt along with other specific information you want to get.

  4. Variate one of the generated images: choose the image you like the most! Your favorite image can include other subtle or strong details.

  5. Upscale the chosen image: prepare the image for training the AI to recognize the avatar.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4: keep producing similar images, upscale and rate the ones you like, and replace the seed number from the original avatar prompt.


All done!


For a more practical approach, let's illustrate the process with an example of creating an avatar using Midjourney.


Below is Hoory AI's product manager Lilit's original picture, which we can transform into a cartoon-style character.



Midjourney uses the provided URL in the /imagine prompt, along with specifying the desired style and additional preferences. Let's ask for a portrait in a cartoon style with a solid background and see the results.


The first version is what we are looking for. All that is left is to upscale it to get the final result.




Personal AI Clone

The next step in creating your AI clone is to customize an assistant that can handle virtual inquiries or engage in casual conversations on your behalf. 


Our choice stands on Hoory AI assistant which can answer any requests based on your training including mentioning a specific tone of voice and adding training files in the Markdown format to represent a perfect personal clone. It is designed to learn from your interactions and preferences, enabling it to provide personalized assistance and support. Hoory AI can be used for various purposes, such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, automating other tasks and even discussing side topics such as the current price of the FastToken (FTN) cryptocurrency. The top reasons for our choice are the following:


Advanced AI Models

One of the key benefits of Hoory AI assistant is its ability to choose an advanced LLM  for responses. By automating repetitive queries, Hoory AI ensures a better way for interactions. It uses these AI models: GPT-4, GPT-3.5 Turbo, and Gemini Pro, to understand intent and improve communication, leading to better responses. Hoory offers both knowledge-based and rule-based AI assistants that can be trained to learn, adapt, and exceed your expectations.


Embedding Your Custom Link

With Hoory AI, you have the option to add a custom link for your AI assistant chat, providing a personalized and professional touch to your clone experience. By using a custom link, such as, you can maintain consistent branding and make it easier for people to recognize and engage with your AI assistant for your personal brand identity and reputation.


Let's take Lilit's AI representation as a vivid example: she created an account at Hoory, created a knowledge-based AI assistant, specified that she is a product manager, and asked to reply to chats in a friendly manner. Afterward, she synced an inbox to the newly created AI assistant, and, most importantly, uploaded the generated avatar – a clone generated to reflect her likeness.


Curious about the outcome? Witness the results firsthand at You may consider following Lilit's approach to have your own AI assistant. Make sure to include the URL across your social media platforms, such as using it as a Custom Button on LinkedIn or adding it as a link in your Instagram or TikTok bio.



Creating a personal AI clone in 2024 is not just a technological advancement but a stepping stone towards a more integrated digital existence. So, if you want to ensure your presence in a fun, fancy, and charismatic way, your clone can help build a better reputation for both your personal and professional sphere. With tools like Midjourney and assistants like Hoory AI, you can have a digital representation that is not only a reflection of yourself but also a helpful assistant. So, start exploring the world of AI-generated art and personal clones today!